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Antarctica is in fact an archipelago of large islands, big ones and many more smaller ones. Surrounded by water, the centre where at that given Time, the main oceans currents did connect. With all the might Oceanic streams passing close by, including the north equatorial correct and gulfstream it was easy to hop on and get a lift, transported and because they form a loop back too. Different oceanic currents used to travel by ship to different places which includes all then developed centres of human activity. If you do take a close look at the globe above you notice the North pole where most of the dry land is located and the South Pole were most of the water is located.

Warm water  of the equator, moving towards the South Pole and cold water from the pole moving back to the equator. All major civilizations located at the mounding of the big rivers, people had to travelled by ship because the land was not accessible  at that Time.

In 1949, Admiral Baird's expedition bore holes into the Ross Sea in three spots, where Orontheus Phynius marked river-beds. In the cuts, fine-grained layers were found, obviously brought to the sea with rivers, whose sources were situated in temperate latitudes (i.e. free of glaciers). While using the nuclear dating method of doctor U. Oury from the Carnegie Institute in Washington, scientists discovered that Antarctica's rivers, which were sources of fine-dispersed deposits, were flowing as depicted on the Phynius map, about 6,000 years ago. About 4000 years B. C., glacial sediments started to accumulate on the bottom of Ross Sea. Kernels show that before this, there was a long warm period.

 At that Time the land masses of America and Asia still connected which each other at the north pole. At the north pole the build-up of hug masses of ice located on the land, the dead end of the mighty oceans.

Under the pressure of the huge ice caps the earth became unstable. America and Asia separated now known as continental drift.

Resulting in changes of the oceanic currents and isolating Antarctica. With the disappearance of the warm ocean currents Antarctica lost its protection against the cold. Unable to use the currents for traveling, the climate changing led to an abrupt end of there civilization and death for all.



In September 1991, US and Egyptian archaeologists discovered at a distance of 13 km from Nile River, in Abidos, 12 large boats that belonged to Pharaohs of First Dynasty. The age of the boats is about 5,000 years. They are believed to be the most ancient vessels in the world, the leader of the expedition, D. O'Connor far, the find is estimated to be aimed for religious rites. According to Herodotus, ancient Egyptians tracked stars more than 10,000 years ago. This statement of the "father of history" is supposed to be esoteric and, therefore, not true.



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