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Ur ( Oer), the oldest city know by us at present. Archeologist did excavate the site and located 12 different layers with shown signs of human existence including a clay (sediment) deposit between it of 3.0 meter. (10 feet) Deposits of the big flood, everything overwhelming flood. The problem was the dating, a layer showing human activity has a thickness of 12 meters, at a depth 3 meter the age can be definite recorded as 3000 BC. We know for sure that people have been living there up to 12000 BC. It is different to the people living in Eden who were spiritual far more advanced, did not care for material things. Highly advanced in social terms, people did care for each other, love, attention, respect, sharing things, helping out, hospitality, peaceful. These people would not leave much behind. Kish is therefore more important for us in the search for Eden because of availability of information on it early part (existence) on clay tablets. At the top layers of the Tell you could relatively easily date it because of the presence of clay tablets and cylinders with inscriptions/data. According to the recorded information Kisj (one); was ruled by 23 kings in a period of 24.510 years. However build after the big flood because of the absence of a layer with clay deposits. There is another clue, these kings did use animal name for there rules similar to the use of these names in the zodiac. Dog (keteb), another sheep, the last on scorpion. Some kings were from Sumerian origin, others Semietisch. There ages meet our Eden criteria and similar to the ages as mentioned in Gen 5. Methuselah was 720 years old

The Sumerian King list 2125BC, same region:

“Eridu was the seat of kingship. In Eridu Aululim reigned 28,800 years as king.

Alalgar reigned 36,000 years.

Two other kings, reigned 64,800 years.

The last and 10th one was Zuisudra ( Grreks Xisuthris). In many ways comparable with Noach

Eridu was than abandoned and replaced by Bad-tabira.

“The FLOOD then swept over the land”.

Kish became the new seat of Kingship.

Total: twenty-three kings, reigned 24,510 years, 3 months, 3 ˝ days.

Kish was defeated; and Eanna  became the new location

“In Eanna, Meskiaggasher, the son of (the sun god) Utu reigned as En (Priest) and Lugal (King) 324 years—

Meskiaggasher entered the sea, ascended the mountains.

Enmerkar, the son of Meskiaggasher, the king of Erech who had built Erech, reigned 420 years as king.

Lugalbanda, the shepherd, reigned 1,200 years.

Dumuzi the fisherman, whose city was Kua, reigned 100 years.

Gilgamesh, whose father was a nomad (?) reigned 126 years.

Urnungal, the son of Gilgamesh, reigned 30 years.

Labasher reigned 9 years.

Ennundaranna reigned 8 years.

Meshede reigned 36 years.

Melamanna reigned 6 years.

Lugalkidul reigned 36 years.

Total: twelve kings reigned 2,130 years.

Erech was defeated; its kingship was carried off to Ur....”






















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