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Our Rates, 2015

Ideally for people who love water, peace, quietness and nature. Place; Its beauty is still unspoiled, its wildness not tamed, and the flash of the sea at this tidal harbor its end also its beginning.

Because if the location, sea front, of the Ring road and a sheltered location not suited for small children (risk) and people with physical limitations (access). The low tech house is build in 1978 and has not be changed. Build just before the start of the Boom or Celtic Tiger and a fair representation of old Ireland. There are books a radio and DVD but no TV and is out of reach of most mobile phones.

A retreat for what is called gifted people and the creative ones like Artist but less suited for use by the modern tourist. It is the location and not the house what is important, the quests able to connect with nature, to all those who come to discover, make it, and find it, for themselves.

Beach house Tragalee.

Tragalee, 3 bedrooms, 0-4 people. (Strand house)
Summer period: July, August until 15 the of September EUR 395.- all in week
Spring /Autumn: April, May, June and 15-30 September, October EUR 195.- week
Winter : November until March EUR 195. week

An Irish Networks Production

                                                                  Info: tracalee@eircom.net