Eden was the location or name of an area in the pre-Flood world.



Biblical Eden

Eden was the location of name of an area in the pre-Flood world (6000BC) and part of the original Creation. That time, the world a beautiful and nearly perfect paradise. God planted a garden in Eden. Most likely that it is now covered by the mud released by the Euphrates and Tigris during the flood and subsequent rise of the sea level with 100-120 meter. The Persian Gulf at present has twice too three times the size of those days. The tree of life stood in the midst of the Garden of Eden (Gen. 2:9; 3:22). It did capture the imagination of mankind through all ages. Remembered and recorded as a place of joy and happiness, freedom, spirituality, immortality, where humans, animal, and nature lived integrated. Although some writers do believe that this tree had some secret virtue, which was fitted to preserve life. The main lesson conveyed is, that life was to be sought by man, not in himself or in his own power, but from without, from Him who is emphatically to Life. (God, Spirit, Nature, Conscious). The ascendance of the self, associated with arrogance and increasing believe that if people couldn’t of weren’t able to fend for themselves, that they were to blame for it and should not be helped. That if you weren’t raking in as much as your neighbors that it was your own fault, to sidestep the individual needs and the needs of the community.  Eden was a real place, not mythological. It was here that God put Adam and Eve, the first two humans. They lived and worked there (Gen. 2:8-17) until they sinned against God. Their sin brought evil into themselves, separating them from their holy Creator. God forced Adam and Eve to leave the garden. He placed Cherubim’s at the garden's east entrance to prevent human access to the Tree of Life which evidently could have circumvented the death to which they were condemned. Adam and Eve were in principle heirs to natural bounty. They had everything they needed. But they sinned and were expelled. How did they sin? By challenging God's very omnipotence as represented by the agriculturists, the upstarts who insisted on taking matters into their own hands, relying upon their knowledge and their own skills rather than on His bounty. It is the story of Man’s emergence from total integration with nature too dependence of the perilous self-reliance, with all the man-made dangers/risks incipient therein. "The whole Garden of Eden story, however, when finally written, could be seen to represent the point of view of the hunter gatherers," It was the result of tension between the two groups, the collision of two ways of life.  The reality of the man made society, the development of the City, State and industrialization, the obsession with material goods, failed to align what is best for humanity and shared values. The bible tells the story of Cain and Abel two brothers. Both offering products collected and produced to god. Cain the products of the land, he is a farmer and Abel a sheep being a nomad (I gen. 4, 3).The lord paid more attention to the gift of Abel the Nomad and Cain get jealous, they argue and Cain kills his brother. The farmers represented by Cain, killing his brother Abel a nomad. But the event did not happen unnoticed, it became a part of collective memory and at long last written down, highly condensed, in Genesis. Very brief, but brevity doesn't mean lack of significance."




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Eden; part of collective memory and at long last written down, highly condensed, in Genesis.


Biblical Eden

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