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Alchemy was probably introduced in Europe by the Arabs. In search of the so called –philosopher’s stone-the universal agent with which all things including gold, youth, life itself could be changed and controlled. One of the Arab names for this magical substance was “al iksir” translated into elixir.


Please do not try it yourselves. It is just for information/ fun.

‘Tonic wine’ was used “as a remedy in diseases of the hip and other bones, joints and wellbeing.”

Recipe 1:

Sumerians, Ubains, Atlanteans

The appearance of technically more advanced humans who knew how to breed and raise animals, which made distinctive pottery, inclined to cluster in settled groups, now called the Ubaid. They are the founders of the oldest of the southern Mesopotamian cities, Eridu, about 5000 B.C. Though Eridu,

and other cities like Ur and Uruk. The Ubaidian presence can be traced to the coast of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, moving (migrating) down the coast into the river valleys . Proven by their settlements, graves and distinctive pottery which turned up? The islands of Bahrain and Failaka developed into a major trading post, the Hong Kong of Arabia, "a rich hub of international trade, with ships coming and going between Mesopotamia the IndusValley civilization, China and Atlantis.

"The origin of the Ubaid & Sumerians; a broad-headed people, were physically and linguistically quite different from the indigenous population and one of the great unsolved mysteries of history. A civilization emerging fully developed without the long, painful process of evolution like all the others. The sudden urban settlement of southern Mesopotamia by a people from overseas who brought with them the necessary skills and political organization to control in such a region."

* 163/4 gallons of distilled water

* 98 lbs of grapes

* 84lbs of white sugar

* 163/4 oz bitartrate of potash (acid of potassium tartrate)

* 23lbs 9 oz Fucus vesiculosus, dried

Another:                                                 recipe 2

Mill one ounce of soccotrine aloes.

One drachms of zedoary

One drachms of gentian

One of the finest saffron

One of the finest rhubarb

One of white agaric

One of Venice treacle

One of kina

Place in bottle and add a pint of good brandy

Place whole in the shade for nine days, shaking it in the morning and evening.

Open on tenth day, add more brandy and filter.

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