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The snake head at Kilcatherine church, Bhéarra.


The snake head, located above the entrance of Kilcatherine Church has been there for eons, kept safe and protected by the local community. Now in modern times it might be in need of some additional care. By stimulating greed and money the society has changed, nothing is really sacred anymore, the ancient stone worth a fortune.




The snake associated with the Garden of Eden                                                                                 and Atlantis. Embedded in the Bible as a very ancient folk                                                           memory, not only the story of Creation but also the story of Man’s  emergence from total integration with nature too dependent on  self-reliance, with all the man-made dangers incipient therein. The story however is older.  Until the discovery of the Nineveh                                Assyrian cuneiform was dead. Early translators   did   not even heard of it. The name and concept of Eden were transmitted not through the Sumerian language of Dilmun but through the Hebrew- Hellinistisch languages.

The story of Adam and Eve in-and especially out-of the Garden is a highly evocative account.

The good and the dark side of humans, the struggle between good and bad, the increasing distance between humankind and the creator, losing the privilege of long life. Genesis’s last remarks on the human life span, My spirit shall not abide in man forever”. According to the scripture added, “For he is flesh”.


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