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Embedded in the Bible a very ancient folk memory, not just the story of Creation but also the story of Manís emergence from total integration with nature too dependence of perilous self-reliance, with all the man-made dangers incipient therein, environment, agriculture, City and lifestyle.  The story implanted as a part of collective memory, and it was written down, highly condensed, in Genesis. Very brief, but brevity doesn't mean lack of significance." The answer to extending life is not to be found the physical realm, spiritual enlightenment is the most important force. Entering the material world and letting material concerns dominate the mind enhances ageing. With human preoccupation with the material world, it brings fourth al kind of evil.  (The Dark World based on greed, corruption and manipulation).

Such claims are difficult to tests but some studies of effects resulting of meditation and praying yielded surprising results. The tested as biological younger when compared to similar groups who did mediate less or not at all. The Transcendental Meditation as used by the Maharishi Mahesha Yogi during the experiment.

The real human lifespan potential is the issue.

You have to put aside the things as pestilence, violence and pollution/environment.  Claim: Despite the multitudes of experiments tried over century and all the medical marvels of the last 100 years, the real potential of the human lifespan

has not been lengthened at all.



It is believed that the lifespan of humans did increase with the brain weight in proportion to the body weight. The rapid expansion of the brain came to an end about 100,000 Years ago and has even contracted since than a little bit. (Regression) Some dispute it because the contraction over the last 10,000 years is small. Of our forefathers were smarter or had a bigger brain capacity not that important. The extra ordinary development of the brain did stop, which is not disputed. Why did it stop? If the modern man was born 100 000 years ago how could it be that only primitive cultures are around until 3000 BC? Nearly every one of us dies not because or our cells wearing out, but because of outside forces like stress, violence, wars, nutrition, pollutions and restrictions in development of the spiritual brain. (Mind)


Why is it that advanced people like the Ubaidians? did try too warning us by planting the story of Eden into the people minds, or was it just a response to the increasing pressures and stresses of a society growing in complexity, the comfort in a fantasy of the good old days, when life had been sweeter, simpler, and more idyllic. However, it is a tale firmly established in Ubaidian mythology, then adopted and recorded by the Sumerians. The Ubaidians, or proto Euphratians in the Mesopotamian region that produced the world's first written language. This was in the third millennium B.C., more than three thousand years after the rise of there culture.




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