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For in front of the mouth which you Greeks call, as you say, 'the pillars of Heracles,' there lay an island which was larger than Libya and Asia together; and it was possible for the travelers of that time to cross from it to the other islands, and from the islands to the whole of the continent over against them which encompasses that veritable ocean”. “For the ocean there was at that time navigable.” 

At 9000 BC the sea level was about 400-500 feet below current levels, England connect to continental Europe by land. Ireland in size twice it current size. Some peaks of mountains being part of the mid-Atlantic ridge visible. As a result, about 2.5 million square miles of additional dry land present. Within what is now the Atlantic Ocean, several big islands and countless small islands visible, now lying below the surface of the ocean?


The South Pole located above the Ocean, feeding gigantic Oceanic currents transporting warm water from the equator to the pole and cold water from the polar region to the equator. Atlantis located closely to the polar region but just outside it, at the center of two major currents, on of the Atlantic and the other of the pacific. Located at the crossing of the major Oceanic currents passing, able to travel from and to by following the current and passing all main locations of the than inhabited world. The only way in which people could travel great distances, and transport goods was using the water, sea and Ocean.  That was done by cleverly using the existing oceanic currents. To do so you need great knowledge in the field of navigation, cartography, and astronomy. For many it is not conceivable that a civilization could have achieved a high level of technological advancement.


Than calamity struck, a big climate change, due to shift                                                                    
of the continents and rice in sea levels the situation changed completely. The golf stream  did shift to the north. The South Pole now located in a locked position on land  (Antarctica) and Atlantis outside the main oceanic currents. The ships trying to reach and  others leave Atlantis carried to other location and unable to return.
Many of the ships and sailors finishing in locations like  Northern Europe, Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

The 4th century AD historian Ammianus Marcellinus, relying on a lost work by Timagenes, a historian writing in the 1st century BC, writes that the Druids of Gaul said that part of the inhabitants of Gaul had migrated there from distant islands, that the its inhabitants had fled to western Europe.

The Secret Doctrine says that the Atlanteans were cultural heroes (contrary to Plato who describes them mainly as a military threat), and are the fourth "Root Race", succeeded by the "Aryan race"


Climate Change

Paleo-climate studies indicate that global temperatures in past has varied considerably in the world and at different location. The ice/glaciers located in Europe and North America started to melt quickly following the maximum glacial advance about 15,000-16,000 years BC. The sea level was anywhere between 70 to 150 meters below its current level. Ireland about twice it current size, most of it covered by ice and only the coastal area inhabited. Global warming ended the most recent Ice Age in the mid-latitude regions beginning around 12,000 years BC.

A brief warm period, called the Allerod occurred starting at 9,500 years BC; followed by a cooling trend when glaciers started to grow again. This period called the “Younger Dryas” lasted from about from about 9,000 to about 7,000 years BC.

The Earth then became drastically warmer. The period between about 6,000 to 5,000 years B.C. Recorded as the warmest period within the Holocene when global temperatures may have been as much as 4 C higher than now. The final melting of these ice sheets, called the Flandrian transgression, caused sea levels to rise relatively quickly until about 5,000 years ago when they began to approach modern levels and the rate of rise declined significantly, causing the separation of Ireland from the mainland of Great Britain, and of Great Britain from continental Europe. Tasmania was also separated from continental Australia during this period. The rising seas flooded many river valleys that had been adjusted to lower sea levels to produce inlets of the sea called rias, common on the south-west peninsula of England, south-west Ireland, north-west Spain, and Brittany, France. The same process also flooded many glaciated valleys, notably along the coasts of Norway, Chile, and eastern Greenland, creating fiords. The rate of sea level rise slowed drastically about 2000 BC.


The arrival of the Atlanteans in 5000 BC, stranded as result of the climate changes meeting the local hunter-fishers and gatherers many of whom themselves were forced from there land due to the rising Sea/Ocean. 

The cultural impact of the Atlanteans on the coastal communities must have been vast, deep and lasting. The hunter-fishers in fact no match for the Atlanteans, technically accomplished humans who knew how to breed and raise animals, extract and work metal from ore, producing tools, arm, jewels,  inclined to cluster in settled groups, villages. Building circular domed structures, rectangular type sheds and houses using stones and wood, erecting wall, fences, and traps for animals.


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