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The total weight of the mental spirit is les than that of the nucleus of an atom, but the whole universe is inside it. The nomadic Israelite where very strong spiritually seen. The mind and believing much more important than the body and a sick body can be health by strong mind.
Time: In the bible you find a statement of the future as the past and the past as the future. Others claim that the past and present shape the future. The book Creation states; that we exist in a five-dimensional world , three dimensions of space, a fourth dimension of time, and a fifth spiritual dimension. Modern science agrees with the first four, and has no definition of the fifth. A depth of beginning,/a depth of end, A depth of good/A depth of evil, A depth of above/A depth of below, A depth of east/a depth of west, A depth of north/a depth of south.  Research indicates that people without knowing there past cam live readily happy while people who see no future tend to run in emotional problems. Einstein is often quoted for; the distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, a persistent one. Stephen Hawking believes that people might one day actually be able to travel in time, but only backward. When you do travel with a speed higher than the speed of light you move backward. Rips, in citing this ancient definition of the fifth dimension, noted that every dimension is defined by a system of measurements, and that the fifth dimension may contain all the others because it is defined by the distance between good and evil the greatest distance in the world?


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