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A druid was a member of the priestly and learned class in the ancient Celtic societies of Western Europe, Britain and Ireland.  Druids combined the duties of priest, judge, scholar, and teacher and continued to feature prominently in later Irish myth and literature. There introduction in Ireland goes back too 5000 BC and is part of the first settlements along the Irish Coast by Atlanteans. Atlantis 19000-5000 BC. The story of Creation but also the story of Man’s emergence from total integration with nature too dependence on self-reliance, with all the man-made dangers incipient “Location Dilmun (Eden) 6000-5000 BC.

The story of Adam and Eve in-and especially out-of the Garden is a highly evocative account, the decryption of the greatest revolution that ever shook mankind: the shift from hunting-gathering to agriculture, enabling the construction of the City. 


It was the result of the tension between the two groups of philosophers , the collision of two ways of life. Adam and Eve were heirs to natural bounty, nature. They had everything they needed. But they sinned and were expelled. How did they sin?  Humans like to shape the material world, producing and creating pottery, tools, arms, agriculture, building cities. Forming, shaping matter, relying upon their knowledge and their own skills rather than on His bounty. The problem, we humans are being physiological flawed creators, a mixture of good and bad, body and spirit. The desire to shape and create is not only part of our genes but a dominant force. Looking favorable to man made products and are very proud of our achievement. Because they are not perfect, creating an environment what is flawed too, in fact the folds present in our physic getting multiplied. The man made society listed as aggressive and brutal, resulting in the presence of violence, repression, exploitation, abuse, illness, corruption and destruction.  The price for our dependence or the perilous self-reliance, with all the man-made dangers/risks therein "The story of Cain and Abel most definitely constitutes the continuation and consummation of the Eden Fall story, a warning...The incident hinges around God's 'respect' for Abel's offering of the firstlings of his flock and his marked lack of respect for Cain's offering of the fruits of the earth (Genesis 4:2-5). Abel is a herdsman, Cain is a tiller of the soil, a farmer. A parable of the modern civilization: the city builder slays the nomadic herdsman. To Cain and his descendants, who invented the tent, musical instruments, and tools to cut brass and iron (Genesis 4:20-22),

we apparently owe the foundations of modern civilization just as we appear to owe not just our very existence but our autonomy as beings to Eve. “Forgetting and ignoring the factual corruption of soul and destruction as result. (De-humanization of the world and individuals) The duality introduced and expressed in Atlantis, the snake its symbol, trying to limit and compensate for the excesses.  The druids introduced, to mediate, for advice, counseling and guidance. These highly trained Druids combined the duties of priest, judge, scholar, and teacher.  Wisdom introduced to replace the lost tree of life once situated in the Garden of Eden. It would take up to 20 years just to teach and train one Druid. The main lesson conveyed, that life was to be sought by man, not in himself or in his own power, but from without, from Him who is emphatically the Life. (God, Spirit, Nature, Conscious)  Within the human body a soul, time less and indestructible. The respect for various aspects of the natural world, such as the land, sea and sky, everything what lives and growth, trees and groves (the oak and hazel were particularly revered), tops of hills, streams, lakes and plants. In addition to the teachings of this main principle, they would hold various lectures and discussions on astronomy, on the extent and geographical distribution of the globe, on the different branches of natural philosophy, and other problems connected with religion.

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