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People from the earliest cultures to the present have tried to stop or at least significant slow the process of bodily deterioration. Immortality combined with youth, vigor and vitality the most wished for quality of life.

In most cases the soul will be separated from the body more permanently, following his or her own path.

In Taoist lore, (300BC) immortality is the reward of those who lead solitary lives of ascetic virtue, acquiring so enough vital forces that they continue to exist after their bodies die.

. Long ago, Xi Wang Mu joined with the male god Mu Kung to engender heaven, earth, and all living beings. Fruit, peaches, citrus and birds are common Chinese symbolís of long life. If you look closer to what you could call the Adam/Eve experiment there are similarities. A river did flow through the Garden of Eden and on both side where a countless number of every delicious fruit and scrub you could think of. Fruit, tattles, peaches, plums and grapes to mentioned a few, all containing lots of pure water and vitamins.

 Countless are the book and stories about people claiming that the soul could leave the body and even return to it. Acquiring and storing of enough vital forces.

 Near dead experiences, visits to parallel worlds, some drug enhanced, are common.

The limitations imposed on the soul because of there earth bound body, a kind of prison because of its limitations. Most people experiencing a near death experience do not want to return and will only do so because of responsibilities with regards to close relatives? People doing it for the experience are more worried about getting lost, unable to locate the place where the shell (body) is left when returning. In the Taoist Lore the concept of the Tao, the true reality that source of all things. Proper living could lead to union with the Tao, a happy state that include, among other benefits, eternal life. Taoists alchemy for gaining immortality relied heavily on gold and cinnabar, a mercury ore. (300BC) Mercury is a deadly poison. . Next to the use of special drugs are electromagnetic stimulation of the brain, light stimulation, use of music and trance. The basis is the build up of energy needed to control the body during absence of the soul. Dead, much more common where the soul is leaving the body to start the journey to heaven and will not return. Another group is the ones which do believe that if the soul fails in his or her earthly existence (enlightens) it has to reincarnate, a concept not everyone is pleased with. In addition there is the concept that learning and pain are connected, without pain and suffering you can not learn?













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