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Time is an aspect of matter and nobody can deny or escape it. Spirituality thought dreams do not contain matter and are not ruled by Time. (Infinite) The old ones did associate Time with; matter, corruption and destruction. It is important to reduce the impact of materialism on your live and lifestyle as much as possible.(Avoid community obligations and  domestic causes which make it difficult or impossible to life an more asceticism type of  life, labor etc.(Reducing the effect of  Matter/Time.)

There are a number of places on Earth known for the presence/location of immortals in the past, one of the best known is; The Garden of Eden as mentioned in the bible. Not a myth nor  fanciful but the repository of ancient memories; that the Bible should be read literally as a historic/scientific document; and that in general ancient civilizations are older and greater than assumed. The exact location of The Garden of Eden is given. We do know, how when and where.

The mythical concept is understandable; the storm that rocks us is nearly as old as humanity itself.

Living in a world full with violence, aggression and greed, where things are crazy and out of hand, your idea of heaven is peace and harmony. If Eden did not exist we would have invented it.

Tribal life is natural to the human race, we all miss it. Away with rules, regulations, and ownership, mass media and commerce, an end to secrecy, the paranoia, the false fronts, the private miseries, the special behaviors, privileged treatments, shameful-violence,  agonizing frustrations and above all, so-called unselfish moves. The biblical Eden is the best known because the description is so precise. However similar stories exist and are documented, so there could have been more than one Eden or a succession of ones.


The Land of Tilmun/Dilmun

“One of the first known accounts of a paradise (garden) appears on a cuneiform tablet from ancient Sumer. A mythical place called Dilmun, a pure, clean, bright place where sickness, violence, and old age do not exist. At first this paradise lacks only one thing: water, which eventually this is provided by the Sumerian water god, Enki. At once, Dilmun is transformed into a garden of fruit trees, edible plants, and flowers. Dilmun, however, is a paradise for the gods alone and not for human beings, although Ziusudra (the Sumerian counterpart of Noah) was exceptionally admitted to the divine garden.”














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