Chellchatthigern & kyllcharrine 

 Kilcatherine Church





Kilcatherine Church.

Chellchatthigern & kyllcharrine


Nobody knows how old the church/site really is.

According to the book written by Daniel M. O’Brien,

“Beara, a journey through history” gives the stone head

carved head an important clue.


It is seen in churches in

Italy and Austria and regarded as pre-Christian and

possible connected with snake worship. In the graveyard

is an 8th- or 9th- century old cross which was published in

the National Library.

From the monastic Map of Ireland the site would appear

to have been a nunnery rather than a monastery. In the

Decerials Letter of Pope Innocent 111 (1198-1216) the

parishes west of Bantry ( Kilmocomogue) are given as

Cellechdach, (Killough Or Killeacac), Cellmana, (Allihies

or Kilmanagh, Cellchattigern (Kilcatherine) and

Cellmoceogain (Kilmackkowen).

There is an undated Mandate from Pope Eugenius 1V

(1431-14470) to the Arch deacon of Ross, to collate and

assign to Allan O’hualloccayn, clerk of the diocese of Ross,

to be promoted to all, even Holy Orders, and to hold a

benefice even with cure and having been tonsured, to

receive and hold a canonry and the pretend of Kyllmana

and Kyllcharrine.


The book” Beara, a journey through history” can be bought at

local shops and Tourist office in Castletownbere.