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There are hundreds of locations proposed for Atlantis, up to the point where the name had becoming a generic term rather than specific (possibly even genuine) location. Remarkable; because of the fact that many of these sites are not within the Atlantic at all. Not only part of scholarly or archaeological hypotheses, but also by others, by psychic or other pseudoscientific means. Many of these proposed sites share some of the characteristics of the Atlantis story (water, catastrophic end, period in Time). Not surprising because Atlantis was a trading nation, trading all around the world with many outposts and colonies. A nation similar to Britain, they too did at on stage trade /rule most of the world. These locations of Atlantic claims/presence in general authentic, they did actual leave there footprint all over the than civilized world. Nor is it surprising that it left markings inside the human brain where the traces of the species history are stored and transferred from generation to generation.

(Only Psychic and pseudoscientific research can enter and search that part.). 



These trading posts and colonies where left unaware of what did happen to Atlantis due to lack of communications. The people at the end forced to assimilate; becoming part/integrate into the local communities and in that way, to become part of the human heritage.


There are clear signs that this civilization did understood that they were in trouble due to climate change and did start a relocation program, the main target the Arabian golf, but did not expected to disappear of the map altogether. The reason for the death of the civilization was the covering of Antarctica with ice/glaciers. A process which did started no earlier than in 5th millenium B. C.


















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