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An article, published in the National Geographic Magazine, claimed that the world healthiest old people were the Okinawa’s. They were always hardworking and sexually active beyond 100.  Their diet contained lots of tofu and seaweed.

Ogimi for example: population 3.500, 430 men and women older than 80, and twelve older than one-hundred years at one point.  After World War 2 the Island occupied by the US and several Military bases build. When the researchers/scientist came aware of such a large number of healthy old people the pharmaceutical industry dispatched several researchers to find out why and the possibility to develop a pill to reduce the affect of ageing in the West. Humankind’s obsession with the subject of defying death and defeating the ravages of age is a case of hope and despair.  The problem the increasing speed in which the ageing takes place in the Western world and the loss of vitality. Such a pill could lead to a big leap in profits for the Industry.

However they did fail and left.  Another group was active, doing Demographic studies. The fact that most people reach old ages in good health  while  in the West most old people reach that age in a state of “multi morbidity”. They differ by there vitality and their agility, sharp minds, and overall state of health.       

By comparing those who left Okinawa, changing there traditional lifestyle with the ones left behind showed a dramatic decline in vitality and life expectancy. Others went to the south were the military bases are located and the” American way of live introduced” it proved to be the same story. The youngest generation there is now the fastest in all of Japan, painful ageing and premature death now common.


Conclusion: The premature ageing and loss of vitality the result of a combination of factors like the change in diet and lifestyle. (Faulty) Getting older is inevitable, getting decrepit is not. To be vitality and agile, have a sharp minds, and good overall state of health you need to;


Exercise, it’s enjoyable and it makes you stronger. Benefits; increased energy, decreased stress, an immunity boost against viruses, lowered blood pressure, better

cognitive functioning, increased joint mobility, an improved cholesterol profile, and even a better night’s sleep. It also increases leg muscle strength and provides better balance and posture.


Diet a Cornerstone of Longevity.

The centenarians or long-lifers eat mostly fish, vegetables, mushrooms, seaweed, corn, and buckwheat - and little or no meat. Demographic studies show; a lower occurrence of heart and liver disease, very low rate of cancer and other degenerative diseases.



Keep life Simple

Centenarians’ lifestyles are simple. The centenarians lead active lives and take plenty of rest. They are dedicated lifelong learners (flexible) and avid travelers.
However do not rush yourself, take plenty of rest, do things one by one.



Centenarians live traditionally in environments that are clean, clean air, good water, and quality food. Close tribal communities, low on stress, and with unspoiled nature. Pollution, a toxic environment is detrimental to health and ageing.
The modern urban society does not meet these standards, a relatively new subject but another half of the equation.