The food producing system is not only highly inefficient, wasteful and costly but produces low quality products.



The modern Food System is energy-Intensive and toxic.

The modern food producing system is not only highly inefficient, wasteful and costly but produces low quality products. Back in 2002, a study from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health estimated that, using our current system, three calories of energy were needed to create, on average, one calorie of edible food. The biggest culprit is grain-fed beef, which requires 35 calories for every calorie produced. Most prominent factors found in this inefficient system are:

           Inefficient growing practices

           Food processing





Because growing vegetables and food is labor intensive and this has to be offset by use of machinery, chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals. Fossil fuels for use in transportation and fueling machinery, and that has to be figured into the equation. But the biggest chunk of fossil fuel usage in industrial farming actually comes from chemicals.

That's right, as much as 40 percent of energy consumed in the food system can be traced back to artificial fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides. The artificial fertilizers will help to produce more weight but most of it in the shape of added water lacking/increasing the more important special nutrients. Food containing pesticide residue can affect your health and especially the nerve system. Many of the result showing in your later part of live.(Zombification which will lead to dependents on other in the form of care.), period of Imploding health care cost and degrading of services including personal suffering. Man and no other too blame, not nature, the climate, or other external circumstances. They can contribute to it for the better of the worse but at the basis it is man made. In practice however every thing that goes well will be contributed to the man’s involvement and disaster to external factors.

From the beginning environmental groups have been protesting against the use of a number of man-made insecticide and pesticide because of the possible side effects. Recent changes in legislation and the prohibition of a number of substances has proven that they were right but nobody is excepting the responsibility for the damage done, millions of customers consuming these foods. Being unaware of the risk, users led to believe that the foods were safe and not only short time but also long term. Looking back you see more and more of these men made substances added to the list as dangerous substances. According to different Companies and growers, that there crops could fail and become too expensive to produce. These substances are relative new and in use for only the last 100 years, however humans have been producing food for thousands of years? In fact it is the story of letting economic advantages prevailing over health considerations. The main industrial food producers rely on economies of scale to gain a competitive advantage which are the biggest users of insecticides and pesticides. There is no time to remove the weed, they spray it. The products are weak and therefore vulnerable for illness and disease, that is why they do spray it. (Effect the Quality of the food.) Livestock a similar picture, raising the animals using genetically-modified feed or feed loaded with pesticide residue, adding of hormones or antibiotics to suppress possible illness and increase growth. The left-over or residue will enter your body through the food and get stored and incorporated in your body.





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Three calories of energy are needed to create, on average, one calorie of edible food.

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