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The Orient too has a long tradition of preparing life-extending potions. The ancient Hindu medicine, better known as Ayurveda, had even a special branch called Kaya Kulp, the science of rejuvenation. Within that realm, an area of inquiry, rasayana, contains the study of potions. Best known is soma, its ingredients secret, a complex business only known to adepts. Even now people can not agree if it was the product of one plant or a mixture.

The soma story is very difficult to explain because there are so many variations in the Theme as application. It is the sign of the moon and effect the brain, a kind of drug. It made it possible for humans to stay in contact with the” tree of knowledge.” The user’s spirit would be set free but at the same time stay in contact with the body. The only way to record and get knowledge out of the spiritual world and transfer it to the material world (body), there it could be stored and remembered. It was a problem, because a traveling spirit can not store information in the way our body does. (No time) Only priests or adept, Rishi’s and Agnihottri’s were allowed to conduct these practices. The ritual needed to make sure the spirit would return. Many did not return after all, being bored by the material aspect of the world. In the beginning all these good and materials impresses and overwhelm most people, it is exciting but on the long run become boring and losses its appeal. The selected persons to be allowed to travel had to be Brahmans or adepts.

 In another medical Hindu text, the Sushruta Samhita, soma is not a mixture but just the juice of a single plant, created by the gods to forestall decay and death.

The text describes an elaborate ritual wherein the potion works. The user enters an inner chamber after scouring his system with emetics and purgatives. After that seven harrowing days of food restrictions follow. The user has to drink carefully administered potions of soma, starts to vomit blood, breaks out in swellings, and “worms creep out of the body. The muscles wither and fingernails and hair fall out. The body expels “all filth and obnoxious matter accumulated in the organism due to errors in diet and conduct.” On the 8 th day rejuvenation starts, muscle, organs, fingernails and hair grow back. The beautiful persons who finally emerge will “witness a hundred summers on earth in health and vitality”.

The cure a kind of chemotherapy & detoxification, and differ in length of the procedure in Mesopotamia. Time consuming, would take up to 6 weeks.


A Hindu recipe for longevity was viper water. Strong enough to make you live for 400 years. The brew prepared in the spring and served to users in the morning on an empty stomach, for fifteen days. The basis where snakes, because many believed that they could rejuvenate. Shedding there skins, and renewing them. That snake skin and flesh might hold these properties. The Japanese still eat snakes and you can buy them in health stores. From French author Harcouet de Langeville did promote it as a cure against ageing. The diet consisting of the flesh of chickens that had been fed with minced vipers.


There basis the ineffable true reality, meaning the source of all things. Proper living could lead to union with the Tao, a happy state that included, among others benefits, eternal life. Taoist lore contains tales of xian, humans who practiced yoga and alchemy to achieve immortality including sex.


Life prolonging energy could be derived from sex. The search for life-prolonging energy was never confined entirely too chemical and organic potions. Sex always viewed as a potent force, to stay young. In a society unequivocally dominated by men, virtually all the recorded schemes for transmuting the sex drive into a force for extending life by male. Taoism extolled ritualized sexual practices. The male adept should engage in these activities a dozen times in a single day or night. Finally, the women should be between fourteen and nineteen years old. Absorbing the forces released by controlling and holding in check the semen.

Taoists consider sexual abstinence as unhealthy like other Oriental philosophies like Tantrism. They believe that the key to immortality was through preservation of Ching, identified with male semen and female menstrual fluid, its ability to invigorate and rejuvenate the body. The shakers, a Utopian society that thrived in nineteenth-century America, abjured sexual contact entirely, so do priests, and nuns. They do get older than the average person in the community. The opposite is also truth;

































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