The bible tells the story of Cain and Abel Cain killing his brother in a dispute.





Humans living in a natural environment are peace loving, hospital and happy. Then 6000BC ago thing did change, there is no record of what upheavals that evolution caused, what tortured questions about traditional values and life-styles, what dislocations of clans or tribes. But far more dramatic than the infinitely later Industrial Revolution, and an earthquake in comparison with today's computer-age discombobulating of persons, professions and systems. "What would happen is that foragers started to become farmers, when his neighbors started too changed in ways they would live or agriculturists moving into his territory, claiming the land and stopping him from access. The bible tells the story of Cain and Abel Cain killing his brother in a dispute.  These agriculturists were innovative folk who had settled down, planted seeds, who invented the tent, musical instruments, and tools to cut brass and iron. But leaving there natural environment, shaping there own world conflicts emerge with others, and soon afterwards wars did break out. About land, crops, power, religion, influence in the region, tools, for loot and slaves. The Mesopotamians were the first people to build City’s. During 3000BC, every major Mesopotamian city was the centre of a canal network reaching to the outermost limits of the city’s authority. To build these cities including walls water highways, transport did require a lot of work/labor. Forced labor or slavery was introduced to keep these activities going. Most of the people captured when raiding other cities and villages. Not the Foragers and harvesters because they did manage to get out of harms way and fled. War, violence and aggression are integral parts of the new material oriented world. The only way to protect you in that world is to make sure you heavily armed and well prepared. Nothing has changed during the last 5000 years, and the world is as dangerous as ever before. Fortunes can change rapidly and unexpected. For the last 75 years the US and the West have dominated the world. There is a connection between power, influence and technique (power to produce and manufacture). When the multinationals and big company started to move the plants and industrial equipment to china sacking their workers in the West the equilibrium did change and shift. The work of Greedy companies, incompetent and corrupt politicians completing the deals. Less than 20 years needed to change from a third world country to a world power. China, a communist country to be able to call the shots, soon dominating the World. Being weakened by these global changes which cannot be revered, the West is now open to attacks from different quarters eventually ending in a full war, a war to survive. Different religions tried to get a hold fast in China for hundreds of years without much success. The offer material goods and gadgets irresistible and toke the country by storm. The outcome and consequences from the materialist approach predictable and known. (History)





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The Mesopotamians were the first people to build City’s.

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