The waters that had been held back, burst forth with catastrophic consequences.(Stored in the form of melted ice on parts of the continents of Eur-Asia)


Climate change, global warming and the human race

Climate change is natural to the world and has been going on from the first day the earth was formed. Depending on the actual period, sometimes fast on other occasion much more slowly. The impression is that the speed is increasing and the earth becoming less stable. The growth of the Himalayan massive lay’s at the basis of the more permanent de-stability with in addition the weight factors as the Ice/glaciers accumulated or disappear at the North and or South Pole.

To try to blame the human race for a large extent at least questionable. There are other and much more important factors for the changing of the climate and the warming of the oceans? Until recently the scientific community told us that the Ice at the South Pole was there for at least 20 millions year. After discovering authentic maps showing part of Antarctica ice free they preferred to ignore these maps. With the discovering of forest and trees still standing under the ice there claims became untenable. Now there is prove that still lakes exist not frozen under the ice sheet.

If you wish to prove something scientifically you should not start with the destination you wish to achieve and proceed towards it accepting only those pieces of evidence that suit and reject everything that seems to point the other way. The second is that you must convincingly disapprove all alternative explanations. The trouble is that many branches of science have more mysteries and “we-don’t-knows” than real facts. Making it easy to claim and pursue absolute convictions based on selectivity and there by slanting science. A major problem in the climate change discussion is the vigor with which certain groups push the discussion. The now vested interest who stand to gain hugely from the outcome/legislation pushing there convictions. The biggest catastrophe in human terms did happen in the Big flood period, the period is well documented, in which the human existence was nearly demised. The humans living in a pre-industrial environment, the numbers to small to cause these climate changes.



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