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Being blessed and cursed with the ability to remember, the past, live in the present and imagine the future, people from the earliest cultures to the present have tried to look into the future and the past. Other claim the past and the present together shape the future. There are several ways’ in which information about the past can be discovered and recorded. Well known are the archeologists, the excavation of what is left of old civilizations, cities, burial sites. Others search for ancient documentation, scripture, tools, genetic information (DNA)


The part of the genetic information associated with life belongs to a problem area.

The basis of the problem is the insufficiency of contemporary physics to understand and study life, not even have a concept of the physical interactions responsible for emergence and existence of life.

History revealed by Digging.


Archeology and Mesopotamia

To build a house, wall, city people would use dried clay bricks called Tigles. When something did happen, war, occupation, destruction they would simple flatten the place and start again. Special the air dried clay bricks had a limited life cycle. High water, heavy rain and floods too would shorten there life. Rebuilding or replacing building was done by flattening and starting to build on top again. Underneath, remains of the old houses, waterway and cities.

You could recognize these locations (tells) because of there height in a relative flat landscape. The river delta shaped by the Tigris and Euphrates was low land with no stones. The archeologists would start measuring it, to dig square holes and sieve through the remains dating and analyzing the artifacts found. The ancient people did not only use the clay to produce bricks but also for writing. The cities are gone due to the quality of the stones and changing climate but thousand of clay tablets with inscriptions are available. The rain disappearing and the land drying saved the clay tablets. The other way round they would have disintegrated in time.







Documented history

The old wedge like cuneiform was replaced by the Alphabetic writing of the Greeks, a much more efficient system. Thereby power passed from the East to the West, to Greece and Rome. The old stories, the old words, faded into obscurity because power goes to those who have it. Until the rediscovery by the Archeologists, of maps, the Nineveh tablets, Assyrian cuneiform was dead. By using an interdisciplinary approach, archaeologist managed to reconstruct important parts of the history.

The human brain holds on to the existing parts and information similar to a tell, these parts can still be accessed after the changes. In fact the total history of the world including the reptile brain is still present and can be used. Containing all kind of information, blue print body, collected experiences, data need to reproduce cells, digestion. Essential to life are; storage of information, development, maintenance, and reproduction including death. It involves the whole organism, organs, tissues and cells. It also includes the mind (at the organism level) that materializes all fundamental programs of life in behavior.

Using the brain, the human can extract all kind of information; depending on the place where it is stored it might not be easy but possible and happens on a regular scale. Some are better than others and there are different types of information present. Dreams and drugs can help to get a better excess to it.

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