Sea Fruit Wines

The use of yeast and bacteria for fermenting food and drink is as old as the existence of the human race. They are used as preservatives and to make food more digestible and more nutritious, for example cheese, sauerkraut, yoghurt and tempeh. There are hundreds of recipes for fermented beverages such as wines, ciders, ale, lager, vinegar, kombucha.

We know that seaweeds can be used to produce different types of drugs like anti-coagulants, antibiotics, anti-helmenthes (worms), anti-hypertensive agents, reducers of blood cholesterol levels, dilatory agents and insecticides, anti-oxidants. During the fermentation process many of these materials can be formed or set free.


Our seaweed can provide us with wine and beer, depending on the type of process used. To produce the wine from seaweed, the seaweed is treated as if it were grapes although the taste cannot be compared to wine. During the fermentation process the characteristic flavour of the seaweed disappears producing a taste that is very delicate, very easy to drink, almost closer to the taste of pure water than wine.

Our personal experience of sea fruit wine is that it seems to work on the body in a very different way than ordinary wine or beer. It seems to energise, giving peace of mind and dispersing stress. These effects can stay for a considerable time, with the high energy levels lasting for more than one day.


The health of those living in towns and cities nowadays is constantly under threat from polluted air and water, contaminated food, limited amounts of sunlight, stress, crime, noise, radon gas from concrete used as building material, electromagnetic waves, hurried lifestyles, demanding jobs, financial worries, housing problems the list seems endless!

For these peoples we make our sea fruit wines, providing not only alcohol but also much-needed minerals, vitamin and proteins. We see our sea fruit wines as a modern Posca, the drink the Roman army used under war conditions to provide energy and stamina.

To produce these wines we use Kelp, Dulse, Irish moss, Wild Nori and Ulva.

Exporting alcoholic products between countries is difficult and the packaging involved can be costly. To avoid this problem we produce an extract that can be used as a syrup or jam and for making wine or beer using a standard home brew kit.

Warning: Please remember that fermenting is a difficult process and can produce material which can be toxic for humans and other living creatures.


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