Seaweed as Food

Water is traditionally associated with certain properties in the living world, and plants, animals, fish and shellfish take on some of these qualities from their environment. Seaweed is a universal type of food and humans and all kinds of animals and fish can thrive on it. Water is the very source of life.Without water there is no life, it rejuvenates and it cleanses.

The influence of mankind on the family of plants known as seaweeds has been limited so that they have not changed substantially over the last ten thousand years. However, parts of the sea are polluted so the location where the seaweed is harvested is of paramount importance.

For centuries seaweed has also been used as a herb and to treat a number of ailments including constipation, arthritis and colds. It improves the digestion and allows a better assimilation of sugars and fats. In Japan, where sea vegetables make up 10% of the diet, the incidence of many cancers and of obesity is low - statistically the lowest in the developed world. People in undeveloped areas of the world such as the Hunza people in the Himalayas experience lower rates of such illnesses due to the lack of man-made substances affecting their food supplies.

We promote seaweed here because of the incredible health-giving qualities it has and because we believe it is a super food. When we started to use it our health improved miraculously and its ability to prevent illness is a very positive factor for us - we wish we had known about it sooner! But we cannot turn back the clock, and seaweed products don’t rejuvenate the body, they simply slow down the ageing process.

Seaweed products are easy to store, either in the cupboard at room temperature if dried, or in the fridge or freezer if semi-dried.

Taste can vary from tangy, suggestive of iodine or the seashore, to an almost nutty flavour with textures ranging from firm to succulent. Most seaweeds do have a strong flavour which does not appeal to everyone. Because of its strong flavour seaweed’s use as a food is limited so most of it is used to produce nutritional supplements.

Seaweed products may be added to soups, omelettes, terrines or used as side vegetable with rice, taboule or pasta. All species can be gently simmered in salted water or gently sauteed with olive oil. With their attractive colours and special shapes, seaweed will enhance any salad or seafood presentation.

We can offer our customers several different varieties of dried seaweeds such as Kelp, Irish moss, Dulse, Rockweed and Sea lettuce

Please remember that we sell our products as food, not for use as medicines but as food supplement because it is very rich in minerals,trace elements, vitamins, fibre and other less common nutrients.


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