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Seaweeds do need light to grow because it a Photosynthetic organism, relying on a variety of pigments or colours to capture light energy from the sun. The deeper seaweed and algae live, the darker their colour will become. Long wavelengths (red and infrared) are absorbed in the top meters of water, the very short wavelengths (ultraviolet part of the visible light) can penetrate much deeper, and below 20 m it is mainly blue-green.

Differences in colour mean different chemical compositions.

A seaweed or algae cell to be seen as a mini (micro) chemical manufacturing plant, and as such able to produce and contain an amazing wealth of chemical components: more than 74 different sometimes highly complex and active marine substances.

This is the only direct link we do know of able to realize the organic substance synthesis from mineral elements and makes it very important. No other substance known on earth has this ability. In addition a major source of oxygen we all do need to life. Carbon dioxide is absorbed and oxygen released.

The major minerals are instrumental in all kinds of life- sustaining activities in our body. Most enzymatic functions depend on minute amounts of bio-available trace minerals. Additionally, negatively charged minerals can help increase the transport and bio availability of other food nutrients and supplements as well. In addition, there is food storage of starch and oil (bio- energy) which will be released when we eat it. The first and unique part of the food chain.

Table below only to be used as a indication.

Colour Food storage Cell wall components Photo synthetic pigment
Green carotenoids starch, polysaccharide, cellulose chlorophylls a and b


fucoxanthin, laminarin, algin, cellulose chlorophylls a and c


carotenoids, cellulose, pectin type compounds and sometimes impregnated with calcium, chlorophylls a and d


Unbelievable, Seaweed contains neither roots nor blood vessels, feeding directly from the seawater through the plant (Cells) surface. It is able to taking full advantage of all the nutrients present in the sea without having to undergo any complex transformations.

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