Detoxification and fasting.

The necessary, incredible complexity of the biochemistry of every cell, required for the continuation of health and life itself, reinforces the realization that we in fact depend totally on our natural, genetically controlled chemistry to keep us (our bodies) operational on a day-to-day basis. Toxins and polluted food, air and water used can all change this. Forgotten is that with few exceptions, we are totally at the mercy of this system operating correctly, on its own. The refusal to accept the inter connection between our inner and outer worlds, micro and macro worlds. The micro cellular environment on our bodies includes complex scaffolding on which cells grow and develop, called the extracellular matrix. The microenvironment is what actually surrounds a cell. There is a connection between our environment, inner environment and inside of our cell. The different external, macro and micro environments changing and affecting each other 24 hours a day. When the outer environment changes being the air, soil and water will effect our inner environment. These changes are it result of man made activities.

If you look at toxins, in addition to cumulative exposure of toxins, an even more important issue is interactive exposure of multiple toxins. In many cases, one poison may be only mildly toxic but when it exists in the body in combination with a second or third (or dozens) of other mildly toxic poisons, the effects can become multiplied hundreds or even thousands of times.

The LD-1 (lethal dose) of lead (the dose which would kill one rat out of a hundred) was mixed with the LD-1 of mercury, and these two combined to give a tiny lead and mercury dose which instead of killing just two rats out of 100, it killed the entire 100! This is why the few safety studies which are carried out on cleaning products, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other chemicals are almost totally useless and not so without reason. They always test only single chemicals and never multiple exposures in the way they are exposed to in real life. There have been many attempts including some scientists to get the system changed and use a cocktail of toxins as found in the average human body without any success. It would have meant that many of the substances around as such in our environment and in use in our homes should have to be removed and banned. Money and the production of man made substance seen as much more important and financial rewarding than health or the use of natural substances. Most of us cannot escape to a safe haven, free from toxins and pollutants. We have to eat contaminated food, breath the air, which is badly polluted, drink the water that is available even if chlorinated or contaminated. Clean water too and as such very important. If you give your body enough pure water and fiber it will detox much easier and faster. But only clean water.

A chronic condition is a human health condition or disease that is persistent or otherwise long lasting in its effects. The term chronic is usually applied when the course of the disease lasts for more than three months. Chronic diseases constitute a

major cause of mortality and the World Health Organization (WHO) reports chronic noncommunicable conditions to be the leading cause of mortality in the world, representing 35 million deaths in 2005 and over 60% of all deaths. Each year, more than 30 million deaths (52% of all deaths) by chronic diseases include cardiovascular disease (30%), cancer (13%), chronic respiratory disease (7%), and diabetes (2%).

In fact it is almost unbelievable that the political system and the establishment is refusing to address these causes and issues. We can provide the basic building blocks (nutrients) that enable it to perform as designed. An important aspect for many, the nutritional approach is usually inexpensive, and the drug approach expensive. As a general rule, nutrition (and exercise) should always be the starting point for dealing with any disease. This will most likely correct a vast majority of diseases. In contrast, dietary supplements operate by enhancing existing biochemical processes. Thus, when addressing a particular disease in this manner, the chances are that while the supplement is enhancing the desired process, it is also enhancing some other one that you were not planning for, with a very positive side-effect. Because of this, the risk of negative side effects from the supplement approach to treatment should be far less than that from drugs, and thus such an approach should be far safer. The natural approach first and after that man-made drug with some exceptions in case of emergencies, it is all about money.

The power of science has always been guided by theories or theoretical constructs that make it possible to progress to greater understanding and accomplishments by a process that is far more efficient than a random walk. Also, in science, the correct theory is no more than the best theory at the time as proven by history. Their are many book written and published about science and claims which in retrospective are silly and provide amusement. As different fields advance, their theoretical foundation usually changes to accommodate new knowledge, which is usually essential for making further steps of progress possible. Problem arises when the State and commercial interests use the claim or status associated with science and discovery to advance their causes, manipulate, and use of half-truth and attempts to restrict access to alternatives, (nature) to dominate and exploit.

A few of the well-researched poisons and some of the places they may be found in our daily lives include:

Chlorine - in our drinking water, our laundry and, and many household cleansers.

Chloramines - in some drinking water in place of or in addition to chlorine.

Fluoride - in our drinking water, tooth pastes and still used by less knowledgeable dentists.

Toxic chemicals in our air fresheners, deodorizers and "plug ins".

Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides - in and on our fruits and vegetables and in our air.

Heavy metals such as the mercury in every silver amalgam dental filling Hormones, steroids and antibiotic residues - in our meats, dairy and farm raised fish.

Numerous toxic chemicals - in cleaners, polishes and solvents we use in our homes.

Hundreds of poisons in small amounts in the air we breathe (worse indoors).

Toxic chemicals - in the stain repellents on our new upholstered furniture.

The chemicals that give that "new car" smell.

Formaldehyde which out gasses from carpeting and press board in our homes.

Toxic vapours' released from the toner in our copiers and laser printers.

Fire retardant chemicals in our furniture, mattresses, and children's clothing.

Numerous different types of chemical "additives" in our foods and toiletries.

The list above is just the tip of the iceberg, but illustrates how extensive and invasive these chemicals are in our homes and in our lives.

The conditions for which there is published research documenting the connections between some of these poisons and diseases include:





Multiple sclerosis

and many neurological diseases of "unknown origin"...

Many MD, PhD experts at the scientific conferences keep saying that almost every degenerative disease, auto immune disease, mental or emotional condition and a plethora of others, are most likely caused or greatly aggravated by the numerous toxins in our bodies.

These same toxic substances are the ones, which our industrial society continues to produces more, and more of every year. These same poisons are the ones which most of us unknowingly (or knowingly) use in our homes and businesses as well as on our bodies and in our mouths every day.

Detoxification MUST be done correctly and slowly. The body must be "prepared" for the detox process. First start with both your liver and kidneys for at least one month BEFORE beginning to actually pull more toxic chemicals from your tissues, into your blood, and will be elimination within these two organs. Not all toxins as present within our body and accumulated like many of the Polyhalogenated carbons cannot be removed at all. Polyhalogenated compounds are industrially created compounds substituted with multiple halogens. Many of them are very toxic and bio accumulate in humans/fat, and have been used extensively. They include the much-maligned PCBs, PBDEs, and per fluorinated compounds (PFCs), as well as numerous other compounds.

There are so many benefits to reducing our toxic load that they are almost endless but a few may include (everyone is different):

more energy

better elimination

less or no more headaches

better and more recuperative sleep

improved memory

pain reduction

reduced tingling in body parts

regulation of irregular heart beat

better hearing

improved smell or taste

and many others.

The single most important benefit for many is the huge reduction in the risk of developing numerous degenerative and even fatal diseases.

Learning about the source of where these poisons come from and what must be done to begin the detoxification process is not an extremely complicated educational endeavour.

The application of this important knowledge can extend your life, reduce your risks of numerous extremely undesirable health conditions and make you a much happier healthier person.



As many people and cultures have realized over the centuries, vegetable products from the sea can help you to live both better and longer. Seaweed products won't reverse the aging process, but they can certainly help slow it down!

Why? Because people have the potential to grow old in good health. It is wise and makes perfectly sense to reconnect with the past, to embed ancient knowledge and tradition in daily routine. Research has shown that cutting calorie intake, while maintaining vitamins, minerals and trace elements, and other essential nutrients can prolong life by up to 40 per cent.

It is thought to slash the risk of cancer, diabetes and stroke, while staving of age related degeneration of the brain and nervous system.

Tradition has it, that in addition a periodic or intermittent fasting and cleansing as promoted by the main religions will strengthen these effects. If you want to detox the body fasting is a good way. By cleansing the body of toxins, a person can enjoy a state of revitalisation, reduced blood pressure and blood fats and many common ailments can be relieved. It is said to be beneficial for headaches, fatigue, backache, aching joints, digestive problems, allergies, psoriasis, acne and constipation, to name but a few!


The use of low caloric food, rich in fibres, minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients, seaweed and other products of the sea, watery type fruits to enhance and strengthen these processes

In the Western world imbalances in water associated or can cause illnesses including nervous problems, phobias, depression, lethargy, circulatory conditions, such as low or high blood pressure, arthritis and other diseases of the joints and certain digestive ailments. Different, water related physical ailments in both humans and their companion animals can be resolved with the simple addition of seaweeds to their respective diets.


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