As a result of living the way we do, the natural cycles and rhythms of our body have become imbalanced and are affecting our nervous and endocrine systems. Fertility cycles are like the waves and as the seasons the result of cosmic forces ruled by gravity and position the moon and sun. In our society we are too busy living in our artificial environments according to the artificial schedule that we have projected onto the world and as a result disconnected from the Earth and her natural cycles and rhythms. The super imposement of man-made activities and products on earth is one of the main reasons that we have become more unhealthy & stabile and the ecosystem that nurtures and sustains us is now teetering on the edge of collapse.

Since these systems control and coordinate every process in our body, when their natural rhythms are out of sync it has negative consequences for the functioning of every organ, tissue and cell in our body. One of the natural rhythms most easily disturbed in a woman when her life and body is out of balance is the reproductive cycle. In addition to hormone disrupting toxins, our environment is becoming increasingly polluted with free hormones due to the large number of women who are taking birth control pills or on hormone replacement therapies. Because most of these substances are man-made they are difficult to break down and stay active for years. Research indicates that about 40% of al tapwater in the US contains several of these sustances and removal not only difficult but expensive.

These therapies provide much larger amounts of hormones than our body would normally produce to make sure that it will work almost 100%, causing much of it to be excreted in urine, which after some time then enters our water supply. The levels of free hormones in our environment are sufficient to cause reproductive imbalances in both women and men, as well as in fish and many other animal species.


Toxicity is another major contributing factor to most of what ails us including reproductive issues. Of particular concern is that many environmental toxins are hormone disruptors, and including most pesticides, herbicides and fungi. The use of birth control pills and other hormone replacement therapies have a significant negative influence on the female reproductive cycle.



Hormonal balance.

Because the levels of different sex hormones are constantly changing relative to each other throughout this cycle, anything that produces minor changes to any of them has

the potential to throw the entire cycle out of balance. In addition, because all of the hormones in our body interact with each other directly or indirectly, disturbances of Hormones not directly involved in the reproductive cycle can still have an influence.

This is why many women suffer from symptoms such as increased incidence and severity of menstrual cramps, PMS, fibrocystic breasts, uterine fibroids, irregular or lack of periods, and menopausal symptoms. In addition, many women are going

through menopause far too early and many girls are beginning to menstruate too young. Cancer of the reproductive organs is also on the increase.


Any woman who suffers from one or more of these symptoms is not likely to get much help from their doctor. More often than not they will be told that what they are experiencing is "normal" and they just have to learn to live with it. What we seem to have forgotten is that what is "normal" is not necessarily what is natural. What has become normal as a result of our disconnected, unnatural way of life is often quite divergent from what was or is meant to be. In societies that live in greater harmony with nature, we find that all of these symptoms are significantly less common and some of them may completely unknown.