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The whole medical profession whether conventional or alternative is trying to keep us in the dark ... I do believe that people who genuinely want to help or heal other people do not try to rip them off, or even more to drain over a period of time their financial resources by continuous costly sessions. First of all, I believe that the body is made to heal itself (see Nature Heals), as long as it is given the proper support (in fact, a number of diseases reportedly have been healed by fasting, i.e. literally doing nothing but abstaining from food, drinking water and keeping oneself clean, see e.g. these Two Bladder Cancer Cures Achieved via Water Fasting). This entire site's basic thrust is to empower people to heal themselves and to become as independent of outside assistance in doing so as possible.

This would include, for instance, truthfully stating both successes AND failures of a given product or service, instead of, as seems to be typically done, solely putting forward the successes, omitting the true (full) statistics, not mentioning the powerful influence of the placebo effect (probably best ascertained via double blind placebo-controlled testing), omitting statements on long-term effectiveness, etc. A third major preliminary point to be made is that despite what most are led to believe, "Modern Medicine is not a science "There are probably dozens or even hundreds of similar instances of using deceptive language and methods to sell hope to the desperate.

The following article by Dr. Vernon Coleman confirms what Sir David Weatherall, Regius professor of medicine, said to a man who healed himself of one of the most lethal cancers known using natural means. "What you must understand ... is that we know so little about how the body works." Doctors (and not just those of recent times) have frequently tried to hide this basic ignorance as to the most fundamental functioning of our bodies behind grand- and impressive-sounding greco-latin verbiage and more recently, by the increasing use of high-technology gadgetry



There are four seaweeds commonly used in Chinese medicine:

a Laminaria (kelp), a brown algae and Ecklonia (the more commonly used item), a

b Green algae as sources of kunbu (Laminaria is sometimes called haidai, to distinguish it from Ecklonia or other sources)

c Sargassum, brown algae, as the source of haizao

d Pyrphora, red algae, as the source of zicai

Seaweeds have a salty taste that is an indication that the material can disperse phlegm accumulation, particularly as it forms soft masses, include goitre, the thyroid swelling that indicates severe iodine deficiency.

Following are the descriptions of the seaweeds from Oriental Materia Medica :

Kunbu (Laminaria and Ecklonia). Essence and Flavour: Salty, Cold. Channel Entered: Liver, Stomach, and Kidney.Actions: Softens hardness, disperses accumulation, resolves phlegm, cleanses heat.

Applications: Scrofula, goitre, tumour, edema, accumulation, testicular pain and swelling.

Haizao (Sargassum)

Essence and Flavour: Bitter, Salty, and Cold. Channel Entered: Liver, Stomach, and Kidney. Actions: Disperses accumulated phlegm, disperses goitre and tumour, delivers water, cleanses heat.

Applications: Scrofula, goitre, tumour, edema, testicular pain and swelling.

Sinai (Porphyra)

Essence and Flavour: Sweet, Salty, and Cold. Channel Entered: Lung. Actions: Resolves phlegm, softens hardness, dispels heat, promotes dieresis.

Applications: Goitre, beriberi [leg swelling], oedema, urinary infection, sore throat

The descriptions for kunbu and haizao are quite similar. Yang Yifan (3) wrote about the differences between these commonly used seaweeds:

Haizao and Kunbu are salty and cold, and enter the liver, lung, and kidney meridians. Both can clear heat, transform phlegm, soften hardness, and dissipate nodules. They can also promote urination and reduce enema. In clinical practice, they are often used together to treat nodules such as goitre and scrofula.

There are some differences between the two herbs. Haizao is stronger in transforming phlegm and dissipating nodules, and it is more suitable for treating goitre and scrofula. Kunbu is stronger in softening hardness and reducing congealed blood; it is more suitable for treating liver-spleen enlargement, liver cirrhosis, and tumours.

One of the best-known formulas with the seaweeds is Haizao Yuhu Tang, or the Sargassum Decoction for the Jade Flask (4). This formula of 12 ingredients includes Sargassum, Ecklonia, and Laminaria. It was used to treat a condition of goitre, which was so severe it made the throat look like a large flask. However, these seaweeds have been adopted into formulas for treating other soft swellings, including ovarian cysts, breast lumps, lymph node swellings, lymphomas, and fat accumulation from simple obesity.

Due to the billions of dollars spent on cancer research and billions of dollars spend on drugs and cancer therapies, more people are making a living from cancer than actually dying from it, which is responsible for the agendas of the political establishment and medical industry to suppress other treatments.

To neglect your own natural cancer-fighting capacity is folly. "I continue to say that nature is the best chemist and should be supported and nourished.

Published in The Lancet, Concord 2 study .

Depending on collected data world wide the survival rates for cancers are: stomach, 27.3%; colon, 59%; straight, 57.6%; liver, 15.8%; lung, 12.6%; breast, 83.7%; cervix, 65.2%; ovaries, 38.4%; Prostate 87.1%; leukaemia in adults, 52% and leukaemia in children, 83.3%.

The chances of survival once cancer has been diagnosed, depending on the country you live in. The findings of a study analysing mega survival of 25 million patients in 67 countries has made that abundantly clear.

For lung cancer: survival in Japan up to 30%. Israel 24%, and in Europe for Spain is only 13%, and in the UK the percentage is only 10%.

Regarding stomach cancer, survival is highest in South Korea being 58%, 54% in Japan and in Spain 27%.

Being diagnosed with the life-threatening cancer disease is one thing nobody like to hear or waiting for. For your survival you become depended on the knowledge and care of health professionals like oncologists and the outcome difficult to predict and summarized in cold survival rates. In this there is no place for playing game by any professionals and ego's. the outcome of the lanced published findings are shocking. The truth of life and the truth in medicine in general at stack, thus biting down hard on medical truth does wonders in terms of ego release. The questions it raised is about quality and care provided by our Western health services/professionals and including the pharmaceutical industry.


It is known for a long time now since 1920 that the way of approaching the eradication of cancer using radiation (death principle) and chemotherapy (poison) are very risky procedures because both therapies tear apart the immune system while seeking out and destroying healthy cells as well as the cancer and as such very dangerous and can be very harmful. Monopolising the allowed treatments and protocols not desired as such. Most people, including professional healers, have egos, and that is especially handicapping when the healer's main goal is to help defenceless people depending or left in his care. Helping, healing, money and ego just do not go together under these circumstances well so it looks like we really do have serious problems her.


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