List of seaweed for medical uses.

For the first 8000 years of civilization, humans relied on foods and herbs for medicine. It is only in the past 70 years that we have forgotten our medicinal "roots" in favour of patent medicines. While pharmaceuticals have their value, we should not forget the well-documented, non-toxic and inexpensive healing properties of whole foods. Our seaweed products are completely natural and from a renewable resource, without additives, free from toxins and environmentally friendly. Although herapeutic seaweed constituents can be extracted and are available and used in cases of chronic conditions, it is easier and cheaper to use whole seaweeds, not extracts. Use the seaweed uncooked if possible.





Name/Species Applications
Ulva lactuca & other species  Therapy, mud, cosmetics  
Codium tomentosum, fragile.  Collagen, cosmetics    
Caulerpa racemosa  Medicine      
Halimeda  Medicine      
Cystoseira & species  Fucoidan     
Dictyota, dictyopteris  Cosmetics      
Padina pavonica  Dermotology, medical     
Phorphyra  Therapy, muds      
Gracilaria verrucosa  Agar, fertilizer   
Jania rubens, adhaerens  Cosmetics     
Acanthopora  Alternative medicine      
lithothamnium  Natural calcerus     
Galaxaura filamentosa  Calcerus, decorativa     
Laurencia  Alternative medicine     
Coastal plants & different spec.  Food, medicine     
Saltwater plants  Food      
Alaria esculente (Wakame)  Food      
Laminaria digitate (Kombu/Kelp)  food, alginic acid, fucoidan    
Laminaria saccharia,sweet kombu  Food, wine      
Himanthalia elongata, sea spagh.  Food, fat replacement       
Palmaria palmate, dulse & dillisk  Food, decoration, cold and flu, antiviral.      
Chondrus crispus, Irish Moss  Carrageen, medicine, drinks, cold flu, neurological      
Enteromorphe sp. Green weed  Food      
Fucus vesiculosus  Bath, spa, medicine, slimming      
Fucus serratus  Bath, spa,       
Ascophyllum nodosum  Pet food, agriculture   
Criste marine-rock samphire-  Vinegar, cellulite treatment     
Crithjmum maritimum



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