Our State of Health


The state of our health is not dependent on food alone. Many people now believe that the true causes of many diseases and premature death are created by:

  • Faulty nutrition
  • Pollution
  • Stress
  • Addiction
  • Lack of exercise

When we do go back to the people of ancient times their priority list has some similarities but also significant differences:

  • Proper and balanced food
  • Proper internal communication
  • Regular fasting
  • Patience

It stresses the importance of mental and spiritual development, of personal development and growth. The aim is to be at peace with yourself. They would say that a healthy mind could cure a sick body. The mind was regarded as being just important as the physical body. You should not overstress the body, rush around or do too many things at the same time. It is right to say “no” if necessary and important to take proper rests.

They had no place for what we so proudly call the 24-hour economy, no overwhelming demands for immediacy. Stress and pollution were lacking because they were non-existent. Life was in harmony with nature. Nature the provider and man the collector or harvester.

Big Business

One of the reasons that man-made products are used so widely is because of the big returns that can be gained from them. The profit to be made on natural products is limited because you cannot patent them or claim exclusivity. Furthermore, it is difficult to control and to dominate the production which in turn limits your potential profit.

Another reason why man-made products are cheap is because the by-products and waste are discarded into the water or the air or buried in the land at little or no cost. When the manufactured product or substance is at the end of its life cycle, it is dumped and not re-used or properly disposed off.

Other very important beneficiaries of this practice are governments through their ability to control these processes and take a substantial part out of them in taxes. Their slogan would seem to be: “More, more and more!” Or more precisely, “Consume, consume and consume!”


If you plant one maize corn in your garden and look after it you may harvest 200 to 300 of them 3 months later. Since there is not enough money to be made by the big corporations out of this natural process they will try to replace it with a so-called better one, or better still a GM version with a patent on it. Than they will try to live on the royalties they can charge and using their developing dominance to exclude other or similar products. One way to make sure that there is no real choice is by controlling what is on offer at the markets.

Because the discussion on what is a healthy diet is difficult and complex, most people are understandably confused. There is so much conflicting advice that most people have given up on the subject. This leaves room for manipulation and makes it easy to mislead them.

However, there is another, if smaller group who do regard this issue as very important. They want all food properly labelled and the source of its production traceable. Many of these people also do not want to buy and consume GM food. The industry knows this but tries to circumvent it by introducing such products in a stealthy manner. Despite the fortunes spent on promotion many people are still not convinced of the merits of GM food products and opposition continues to grow.

One option for the food industry is to attempt to introduce such products without informing the user and some companies have already done so. To do this successfully companies need government backing but they might succeed because there are close relationships between governments and big businesses. It can be sickening to see how governments, politicians, even presidents bend over backwards to please big business.


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