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 About 100,000 BC humans reached there peak as far as the brain/body ratio is concerned. After that there is a small regression and the average now is a little bit below that of 100,000 years ago. People might have been smarter, more advanced at that stage. The strong grows of the human brain associated with the development of spirituality. There are no important changes in our bodies what would have needed /lead to a different and bigger wiring, nor did our body change much. That period is also known for the ability of humans to communicate directly with god without interpretations, the  development of praying. The ability to remember, the past, and imagine the future, development of the logic. Past, present and future are functions of the material world.












The ancient people did not like this additional capacity as far as time is concerned. Saw it as the source of corruption and destruction. Humans regarded as week, easy to manipulate and lack of willpower. What they did fear did happen, mankind started to focus on the material world and used it to create his own world and got corrupted in the process.(Exploitation, violence, aggression, killing.)

Every flaw present in the body get magnified in the material structure and society he creates.

The development of the Souls makes the difference when comparing humans to animals, bird, fish and trees and plants? Not claiming that these qualities are not present in animals, dolphins, birds   but to a much more limited extend. We do known for example that dolphins, apes and other pets do have it, but not to what extend? We do know that they can understand language for example, communicate and able to learn to read. That there is a connection between materialism and spirituality, materialism affect the spirituality in a negative way. In a materialistic society the soul will shrink, in many ways similar to stress, continued
stress will effect and ruin the hormonal system & body.

Many now believe that the maximum human life span is between 110-120 years. Despite the multitudes of experiments and all the medical marvels of the last hundred years the ultimate human term has not been lengthened by a twinkle.

In addition, the themes of eternal youth and immortality are entwined. Eternal life without the vitality to enjoy it has no value, even a curse.

Extending life can not be found in the physical realm of science, it needs spiritual enlightenment, the real force that can stretch the sullen bonds of the flesh.

































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