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The City is the ultimate dream of mankind. Reflecting its desire to form and shape the material world, to create and express him, to own. To build and maintain a city you have to secure the food supply all year round or find ways to store sufficient amount to bridge seasons. The story of Adam and Eve in-and especially out-of the Garden is a highly evocative account of perhaps the greatest revolution that ever shook mankind: the shift from hunting-gathering to agriculture, enabling the construction of the City. "The story of Cain and Abel is strange and impenetrable, but it most definitely constitutes the continuation and consummation of the Eden Fall story...The incident hinges around God's 'respect' for Abel's offering of the firstlings of his flock and his marked lack of respect for Cain's offering of the fruits of the earth (Genesis 4:2-5). Abel is a herdsman, Cain is a tiller of the soil, a farmer. Not even the remotest hint is offered in the Bible about the reasons behind the Lord's preference for Abel and his scorn for Cain."

"This now seems to be a parable of civilization: the city builder slays the nomadic herdsman. To Cain and his descendants, who invented the tent, musical instruments, and tools to cut brass and iron (Genesis 4:20-22), we apparently owe the foundations of modern civilization just as we appear to owe not just our very existence but our autonomy as beings to Eve. In Eve and her son, therefore, lie the roots of freedom and progress."

Man is a city builder from nature. The first thing man would do is to start producing pottery. Use it for storage of food and drinks and highly practical. Pottery is now still used for dating, and an indication for the development of the producers including location.  With the City came the production of tools and arms, art, wars, destruction, exploitation, the population growth, illness, pollution and the State. The State organized and structured in many ways like an artificial intelligence. Because man is flowed, a mixture of good and bad, bodily and mentally weak, and his projections “The city” and structures are flawed too. Because the modern city behaves like an artificial intelligence its members reduced to numbers and puppets. What did start as a fascinating way in which man could develop and express him self into a death trap? The population growth itself, causing Hugh difficulties in order to maintain, will be balanced by increasing mortality & calamities.





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The City is the ultimate dream of mankind.

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