Centenarians and longevity

People who are born healthy can grow very old and still remain in good health. Most of them will, however, die long before their potential Biological Old Age is reached. Your lifestyle and dietary choices can make an enormous difference to your lifespan and to your quality of life in later years.

The formula of longevity is not quite complex or a secret. In most cases it is important to avoid certain foods and activities. 

"Pollution, stress, fatigue and bad eating habits all affect the body," Comparisons of population groups shows a close relationship between the adoption of the affluent diet and the emergence of a range of chronic, non-infectious diseases, such as coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, various cancers, diabetes mellitus, gallstones, dental caries (cavities), gastrointestinal disorders, and various bone and joint diseases (World Health Organization, 1990)

Environmental changes that have lead to an increase in depletion of minerals and other inorganic compounds from our food. The 1997 edition of Food Composition Handbook shows a 25?50% decline in the vitamin and mineral content of foods since the last survey done in 1975.