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Tragalee, Beach House.

Trágalée is located at the waterfront and built on the foundation of an old boathouse. Locally it is often still referred to as "the boathouse". A place were the land and the sea meet.

Trágalée is Gaelic for "woman beach" (Trá = strand, Lée = woman). When the local fishermen set out to sea, their wives and children would accompany them to the beach. They would help lift the boats from the strand and stay behind to collect mussels, clams and shrimp. The women would also do their laundry by the small river.


During 1900-1930 at least three families worked at the small harbour, catching fish for export. It was a place full of joy and happiness. In the late 30's the export market for fish dropped suddenly and most of the families were forced to move to seek other work.

The families move in towards the hills and concentrated on farming. As a result of this most of the houses are now gone with only ruins standing were once families lived, worked and played. There are four ruins still standing today, a reminder of a paradise lost!!

History: During the last ice age a big glacier carved its way from the mountain towards the sea. After the ice had melted, the lake "Lough Fade" (Fada means mile), a stream and a sheltered harbor were left. Because the harbor was sheltered from the prevailing west ans southwest winds, it became a so called "hot spot". The average temperature during the summer might be a couple of degrees higher than at other locations!



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