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There are hundreds of locations proposed for Atlantis, to the point where the name has become a general term instead referring to one specific location. Atlantis was a trading nation, connecting all Parts of the inhabited world. The big rivers, seas/Oceans The only way in which people could travel great distances, and transport goods was using the water, sea and Ocean.  That was done by cleverly using the existing oceanic currents. To do so you need great knowledge in the field of navigation, cartography, and astronomy. For many it is not consivible that a civilisation could have achieved a high level of technological advancement.

Warm water from the equator travels to the cold poles and back. These ocean currents are modified by continent position as well as other factors. They have the ability to cool e.g. the ability to warm. To use these current to leave and return you have to be close to the loop. With the north pole out of the equation because it had an land-locked ocean over the North Pole and Asia and North America connected by a land bridge.

Due to shift of the continents and rice in sea levels the situation changed. The golf stream did shift to the north. Until that time the south pole was the center of the big ocean currents and Atlantis had to be close to it to be able to use it fully but not within the polar region.

When the pole is located on Land the ocenic currents stops. (locked) 




Only recently, orbital radar showed that Antarctica is really two land masses, with a salt water channel in between. All is buried under the massive amounts of ice, invisible. At least one of those old maps showing the two land masses, fairly accurately depicted. These maps are genuine and not a hoax.


The original confusion because of all the footprints this civilization left behind prove that it where traders traveling and shipping worldwide. Trading posts, colonies and contacts:

Mediterranean Sea: Islands including Sardinia, Crete, Irael-Sinai or Canaan, santorini, Sicily, Cyprus, and Malta. Land-based,  Troy, Tartessos, and Tantalus (in the province of Manisa), Turkey; and Israel-Sinai or Canaan and Libya.

Black Sea: Bosporus and Ancomah (a legendary place near Trabzon). Sea of Azov.

Atlantic Ocean: Several sunken island in Northern Europe, including Sweden, the coasts of countries adjoining the North Sea, Ireland, the Celtic Shelf and Andalusia. The Canary Islands located west of the Straits of Gibraltar but in close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. Various islands or island groups in the Atlantic were including the Azores. Several now submerged islands including Spartel near the Strait of Gibraltar, others located right over the sub-oceanic Mid-Atlantic Ridge just north of the equator and 700 miles east of the coast of Brazil, where the tine Rocks of Sts. Peter and Paul now still above the waves?

Areas in the Persian golf and Red Sea region: Egypt, Arabia, Bahrain, Persia and Mesopotamia.

Areas in the Pacific and Indian Oceans: Including Indonesia, Malaysia or both (i.e. Sundaland) and there are stories of a lost continent off India named "Kumari Kandam" and even the Yonaguni monument of Japan.

Areas located in South America. Amazon region, Cuba and the Bahamas have been suggested. There are connections between Atlantis and Aztlan (the ancestral home of the Aztecs).




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