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Why care, remember, discovering something of historical evidence down in Antarctica will change the history of the world forever. Not only will it reawaken the interest in 'ancient mysteries', but it is troublesome, to think that a great and ancient civilization could disappear and having all traces wiped out. We are missing something. No trace left? Why do scientist and researchers dismiss any old culture that easily, do they not like or hate our ancestors? Mankind just in its infancy! Why, did our ancestors know more, more human? It is believed that the lifespan of humans did increase with the brain weight in proportion to the body weight. The rapid expansion of the brain came to an end about 100,000 Years ago and has even contracted since than a little bit. (Regression) Some dispute it because the contraction over the last 10,000 years is small. Of our forefathers were smarter or had a bigger brain capacity not that important. The extra ordinary development of the brain did stop, which is not disputed. Why did it stop? If the modern man was born 100 000 years ago how could it be that only primitive cultures are around until 3000 BC?

Join the search for: * Kumari Kandam, * Lindon, * Lemuria, * Lyonesse, * Noldor, * Meropis, * Mu,  * Thule, * Ys, * Vineta, * Númenor.

Could it be that only the tops in world government knew what is down there and the rest of the world's 'common people' are left out, in the cold on the facts. Could it be that there is prove that the so-called climate changes are part of regular shift of the poles??

It is within our power to find out, for such great explorations you do need money, but not that much really. Alternative; a few big corporations like Google and Microsoft, etc) could sponsor these explorations.


There are several reasons to go there;


First, if Antarctica is frozen recently we could possible locate and retrieve seeds plants and maybe animals which could be brought back to life. Locate that close to the pole is must have had a different light regime, flora and fauna. We do not have any modern analogues to these possible polar forests. Could be used to plant and grow forests on the North Pole. People assume, "that they probably reacted to light (rather than temperature) to switch off."


Second; because Atlantis was a pre-flood trading nation traveling to and from what was then the inhabited world, must have known more about these Neolithic cultures. All the ancient civilization than where connected by means of water, rivers and the sea. It was impossible to travel large distances over land. The must have had contact with at least all known ancient civilizations, descending from the Neolithic cultures.




Gold & silver.

To be able to estimate the amount of gold accumulated in Atlantis we go to a trading city at the Persian golf. A city what did look much like Atlantis and is called Susa.

The capital of the Persian Empire was overrun by the Macedonian army in 331BC.

They took 50,000 talent in gold and silver (1310 ton) and stock of fine cloth and jewelry. All this accumulated over a period of 2500 years. Atlantis did rule the seas for 14000 years (19000-5000BC) and it looks reasonable to assume 14000/2500 times 1310 ton is 7336 ton (7,336,000 kg). Assuming that the company retrieving that amount could be awarded a fair share of it, pay for the cost.

Antarctica is really two land masses, with salt water channel in between. All is buried under the massive amounts of ice; however using modern technology you could enter here and follow the tracks to the warehouses.




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