The idea of a fountain or well or spring giving health and youth is one of the most alluring and enduring of human dreams.



Life actual arose in water, to start the long line of evolution that links plant, fish, primitive animals, birds, humans.Without water no life like we do know it, it really can cleanse and rejuvenate.

It first gripped the human imagination eons ago, that water has the power to confer immorality, or at least a long and youthful life on anyone who drinks from it or bath in it. The idea of a fountain or well or spring giving health and youth is one of the most alluring and enduring of human dreams. Used by mankind for all kind of cultural and ritual purposes.

Like the elderly women taking a seaweed bath to rejuvenate the skin and prevent the outside too pass through the skin and age the inside. Many in Old civilizations believed that there was a direct connection between the outside and aging. From the beginning, water has furnished man with a source of food and a way to travel. The first civilizations developed there where water was a dominant element in the environment. The Babylonians, the most famous lawmakers of antiquity, devised edicts regulating water usage. The Egyptians introduced the 365-day calendar in response to the Nile’s annual flooding. The Chinese to build a 1000 mike canal, a complex system that after 2,500 years is still partly in use. The Hwang Ho, or Yellow river, is also known as” China’s Sorrow”, so erratic and dangerous that in a single big flood one million people died. Man learned to plant crops and settled the valleys of at least five great and widely separated river systems. The Tigris-Euphrates of Mesopotamia, the Nile in Egypt, Indus of northern India and the Hwang Ho, or Yellow River located in China and Amazon with Mississippi in South America. The most famous man-made waterway in ancient Mesopotamia was the 400 foot wide NahrwanCanal, used for irrigation.

Did run parallel too the Tigris for more than 200 miles. Another famous canal was 30 miles long and used to supply the capital of Nineveh with fresh water. To cross a wide gully a great aqueduct was needed and took two million stone blocks to build. Mesopotamia is a big river delta and rocks and stone are rare and have to brought in and cut in a quarry.

The Mesopotamians were not only concerned with flood control and irrigation but also with urban water supply and the creation of water highways for there boots and barges. Both rivers are unpredictability and vary a lot, a major problem. The system of canals, dikes, reservoirs more complex than most people do imagine. During 3000BC, every major Mesopotamian city was the centre of a canal network reaching to the outermost limits of the city’s authority.  

The menace of pollution; Water pollution inevitably produces economic and aesthetic problems, and lead to health problems. Contaminated water can be a menace to life. In the civilized world, complicated chemical compounds can be found, parts of advanced industrial processes and pharmaceuticals which cannot be removed, and there long-term effects, both on stream life and human health still unknown. Analyzing drink water in the US showed that 40 million Americans consume water which contains left-over of medicines. The ever increasing demand for it can not be met in the future. Yet the man on the street is aware of it only when it fails or endangers him, than its dramatic impacts falls with full force. Traditionally it had been man servant and master.




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Without water no life like we do know it, it really can cleanse and rejuvenate.

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