The perilous self-reliance, with all the man-made dangers/risks incipient therein.




Adam and Eve were in principle heirs to natural bounty. They had everything they needed. Living in the Garden of Eden, the name of an area in the pre-Flood world and played a part in the original story of Creation. Portrayed as a place of peace and were human’s could become immortals, the world as a beautiful and perfect paradise. “God planted a garden in Eden”. It was a real place, not mythological. It was here that God put Adam and Eve, the first two humans.

"Eve" came to symbolize the "mother of all living." Adam and his son Abel on the other hand as good and innocent”, but they lack will, initiative, and the creative spark. There life to be found within the physical realm. Spiritual enlightenment is the most important force and essential. They differ because they accept that the human body and mind are week, basically that life is to be sought by man, not in himself or in his own power, but from without, from Him who is emphatically to Life. (God, Spirit, Nature, Conscious). They are connected, the Body works like an antenna, able to receive and comprehend the messages from Universe. To enter and develop a material world out of question, to let material concerns dominate the mind to. The material world associated with “The Dark World” only to bring fourth al kind of evil.


Eve and Cain are different, becoming the driving force of modern history. By challenging God's very omnipotence as represented by the agriculturists, the upstarts who insisted on taking matters into their own hands, relying upon their knowledge and their own skills rather than on His Bounty.

 It is Eve and her son Cain who is now regarded as the true father of humankind; opt for the material world, to prefer and choose material goods above spiritual enlightens. The ascendance of the self, associated with arrogance and increasingly self conscience. It is the story of Man’s emergence from total integration with nature too dependence of the perilous self-reliance, with all the man-made dangers/risks incipient therein.

It is Cain and his descendants, who invented the tent, musical instruments, and tools to cut brass and iron (Genesis 4:20-22), we apparently owe the foundations of modern civilization just as we appear to owe not just our very existence but our autonomy as beings to Eve. In Eve and her son, therefore, lie the roots of freedom and progress." Cain killing his brother, a clear indication for the new and aggressive way in which problems be solved. However to complicate things even more the Lord prohibits to respond to the crime. Anyone who will put a hand to Cain will suffer 7 fold. That Cain could not be beaten but leaves for the land of Nod, east of Eden. His son Henoch build the first important city called after him.

The Secrets of Enoch

"Enoch was the first who invented books and different sorts of writing. The ancient Greeks declare that Enoch is the same as Mercury Trismegistus [Hermes], and that he taught the sons of men the art of building cities, and enacted some admirable laws...He discovered the knowledge of the Zodiac, and the course of the Planets; and he pointed out to the sons of men, that they should worship God, that they should fast, that they should pray, that they should give alms, votive offerings, and tenths. He reprobated abominable foods and drunkenness, and appointed festivals for sacrifices to the Sun, at each of the Zodiacal Signs."


Those who questioned the value-its foundations, its longevity, and the uses to which it is being put-were decried of everything and eventually killed. The reality of the man made society, to the development of the (industrial) State, the obsession with material goods. To develop and maintain this artificial world is not easy, taking work, energy and skills. With the development of agriculture and the city came forced labor and slavery, wars and destruction. I met a mother living with two daughters in New York, on is 9 years old and the other 12. She has to work in two jobs, 50 hours a week and still unable to make ends meet. The hunter harvesters, Adam and Eve, the nomads they did not work. Humans are not born to work & to be exploited, but to learn, have fun, make meaningful contributions to other people’s lives, to explore, and develop themselves. You cannot, nor should you try to abuse their right, as fellow humans for your own purposes, to get yourself rich, to let them do your work. And nobody, absolutely nobody has the right to poison air, water, land or sea for profits. These things are our heritage and they belong to us all.



Ancient people explained the decrease and increase of the life span in the following terms;

    * Time and space are aspects of the material world and therefore human existence is limited.

      When you look at the stars you can see what is happening. New worlds get born every day and others die out. Our Earth and our Sun have only a limited period of existence!


Henoch, son of Cain is the first recorded materialist. If you have a good look at ages of the first born of the line of Adam you find that he only lived for 365 years what is very short compared to about 900 or more as recorded for the others.

Adam   930, Seth   912, Enosh   905, Kenan   910, Mahalalel 895, Jared   962, Enoch 365, Methuselah 969, Lamech   777 years.



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"Eve" came to symbolize the "mother of all living."

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