Narcist & reptilian mindset, silent killers

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Most of the expert did agree that any zombie to be successful should not attack the physical organism but part of our thinking consciousness and in our case the individualized soul.
There are many other names in use than narcists but meet the descriptions. Their and detectable by there is something missing, created by or as a result of blocking the connection with our big brains.

Resulting in our reptilian brain and mindset have taken centre stage in that case. We do know that the reptilian brain differs greatly in the perception of the world, and one dimensional while our big brain is multidimensional. The reptilian brain can live and work with hate and love at the same time while our big brain, for example, cannot. It is hate or loves not both at the same time.
Chosen because the blocking of the connection and influence by the big brain would not trigger any alarm other than in shift to reptilian based behaviour. The reptilian brains respond time is one thousand times faster than the big brain because of pre-programming functioning (survival of the species). Predatory and ruthless and the soul-based humans no match for them. Masters in deception.
It is an estimate to come to one billion of soul-based humans whos light is taken and energy syphoned off to feed them. Silent killer not sick by feeling great, superior and feed on their victim’s energy-wise.

The main fault or weakness of the soul-based human’s individualized consciousness is awake to their impulses and often make willful choices that serve no financial, social, or egotistic gains, and goes against the expectations of Darwinian evolutionary principles, and to serve spiritual ends as well.
These impulses are absent in people who have blocked than well shut down the connection with the big brain and geared by the reptile brain which is optimized survival in the one-dimensional physical world. Fake humans.

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