Most of the expert did agree that any zombie to be successful should not attack the physical organism but part of our thinking consciousness and in our case the individualized soul. There are many other names in use than narcists but meet the descriptions. Their and detectable by there is something missing, created by or as a result of blocking the connection with our big brains. Resulting in our reptilian brain and mindset have taken centre stage in that case. We do know that the…Continue Reading “Narcist & reptilian mindset, silent killers”

Soulless humans or organic portals Organic portals are simply portals, passive beings through which external influences can act/used. Approximately one-half of the human beings on Earth are organic portals, soulless human beings who keep real human beings in line with the status quo, on agenda with the matrix control system. You should ask yourself why do words like Empty people. Puppet people, Cardboard, Cutouts or Drones. Do organic Portals even exist? Pre-emptively targeting them, or any other agent including souled humans who occasionally succumb to…Continue Reading “Organic portals or soulless humans”

Welcome. Location: Beara peninsula S.W. Ireland and part of the wild Atlantic way. This little hideaway is a stunning seaside location, you will find a mix of quietness and natural beauty! plenty of room to leave your boat next too or in front of the house. I’s amazing, fabulous views. Great area. So much to see and do, or to start some recreational business or water water related activities. It is not the house but a superb location I am talking about. A location you…Continue Reading “”